I have a love/hate relationship with 1920’s themed challenges. Love them because the 20’s were all about the glitz and glam and it’s so fun to style models for that time period. Hate because I can never seem to find great pieces that work with the challenge so I’ve kinda, sorta devised a formula for how to style all 20’s challenges (since Covet does so many of them). I start by trying to find a low-waisted skirt that can be paired with a blouse or a spaghetti strap, flapper style dress. Next, I’ll pick some shoes, usually cute heels in neutral colors. After I get the basics down I love to accessorize! Don’t be afraid to really load your model up with gloves, hosiery (I like to use small fishnet), clutches, fur or lace shawls, hats or the Flapper Headband if you have it. The last step is to pick a 20’s hair style and makeup combo and you’re done! Here’s some pics I gathered that you can use as inspiration✨