When I woke up this morning and saw that Today’s Daily is a Bridal Challenge, and the picture had a plus size model, I went and checked the App Store for an update and there was one! After navigating he new version of Covet, and switching to “Modern” version (which took some time), I found out that not only are we styling a look for a plus size model, but the skin tone is locked! I knew that Covet would be adding plus size models, but I had no idea that the skin tones would be locked for some challenges and I LOVE it 😍 Covet really listened to our comments and concerns and tried to please everyone with the update. I’ll play around with the Modern version for a little bit, then I’ll probably switch back to Classic because it has more makeup choices. 

And now for styling👉🏻 I would just advise choosing your favorite white, wintery bridal gown💍 And since the description says floral, and we don’t have a bouquet of flowers, you would think about wearing a floral clutch if you’re feeling brave! Here’s some inspo✨

I’ll be adding some plus size wedding gowns in a little bit😊