I’ve been playing around with Covet’s new update for a while and have a few observations to share😊

  • You can switch to Modern/Ultra mode for one challenge then switch back to Classic and the model will still be plus size in your “My Looks” page. 
  • There is only one makeup per level in Modern mode. 
  • The skin tone is locked in each challenge. And there are seperate makeup options for each different skin tone.  
  • There is whole new menu layout in Modern mode that I wish was in Classic mode as well. Here’s the Classic menu:This is the new menu in Modern mode:This is where you click for challenges & voting:And this is where you click for voting:

As of now, I don’t really like the new Modern mode as the makeup options, in my opinion, do not fit the models faces very well. I wish that Covet would have executed this better and maybe had the plus size models locked only in certain challenges. However, I absolutely love Modern mode’s menu layout and I hope that they update Classic’s menu layout to match it soon. 

From here on out, I’ll be playing Classic mode and switching to Modern mode only when the Challenge picture has a plus size model! Happy styling Coveters✨